The Asus wireless router does a fantastic job at protecting you from evildoers on the internet. But the hackers around the world are always finding new vulnerabilities to steal your internet, and the only way to keep up is to make Asus wireless router firmware update. In this blog, we will provide you information on how to update Asus router’s firmware on your own by following the simple and easy steps.

But before we can move to the steps to update the firmware of your Asus wireless router, let’s take a look at what is Firmware and why you might want to upgrade the Asus router’s firmware.

What is the Asus router’s firmware?

The Firmware of Asus router is the low-level software that is installed on your hardware. You can also call it as the operating system of your Asus router. Just like the windows gets regular updates, even your Asus router needs to be updated with the latest security patches and fixed to make sure it performs well.

Why you should upgrade the firmware of your Asus router?

There are many reasons why you might consider updating your Asus router’s firmware. Here are several of them:

• Security features and Fixes

The one reason why you should go for Asus wireless router firmware update is that it fixes a vulnerability that was detected in the current firmware. The bugs in the current version are found and fixed, updated firmware is released.

• Performance Enhancements

Other than security features and fixes, the Asus router’s firmware update also improves the overall performance of the router. If you don’t update the firmware of your router, you won’t be able to take advantage of any speed boosting upgrades.

How to update Asus router’s firmware?

Here are the basic steps for performing the Asus router firmware updates on your Asus router, follow the steps.

Log in to your Asus router’s administrative console

Connect to your Asus router over a wired or wireless connection. Fire up any web browser of your choice and go to the default web address of Asus router If that doesn’t work try typing in your Asus router IP address Now, log in to your router using its administrative credentials. If you haven’t changed the default credentials, log in using the default login credentials (Username and password.)

Default Username: admin

Default Password:admin

You can change the default username and password to save your router from getting hacked. After logging in, go to ‘Advanced settings’ then ‘Administration’ and then ‘System’ and type in the new username and password.

Locate the Firmware upgrade section

On the Asus router setup page, you need to locate the firmware section. Go to ‘Advanced settings’ then ‘Administration’ and then click on ‘Firmware update.’ The Firmware update screen will notify you if there is a new firmware version available. If the new firmware is available, install the firmware; click ‘Firmware Upgrade.’

Your Asus router will install the updated firmware and reboot.

There is another method for Asus wireless router firmware update.

1. Download the latest version of your router from Asus website.
2. Once downloading is complete, unzip the downloaded file.
3. Navigate to Asus’s configuration page by typing the default web address.
4. Type in your router’s username and password and press Enter.’
5. On the configuration page, click on the firmware version link.
6. Click on the ‘Choose file’ option.
7. Select the downloaded firmware file, click ‘Open’ button.
8. Now, click on the ‘Update’ option.
9. Now, wait for a few seconds to complete the upgrading process.
10. After you complete the firmware update process, click ‘Finish.’

Note: Try to restore the factory default settings of your Asus router after you complete the firmware update of Asus router.

In conclusion:

Asus router firmware updates will save you from the unauthorized third party. It protects you from viruses, command and control, Trojans, malware, hackers, etc. updating the firmware of your Asus router will improve the performance and will fix the bugs if there are any. It will also increase the overall speed and performance of your router. For Asus wireless router firmware update, follow any of the two methods. In case, you face any issue while upgrading the firmware or if you need any help with your Asus router, then you can call us and get in touch with our support team. To get in touch with our technicians you can call them on their toll-free number or you can also send them a mail.