As it’s known by IT experts and gamers across the world, the legends about the Asus AC3100 range and speed is being spread to the common folks too. The much feared Asus AC3100 specs have been breaking new grounds each day and the countless features are all worthy of making it a champion. A champion that doesn’t need an Asus router reset. Probably that is the reason why it has been awarded the countless awards time and again. Every Asus AC3100 review makes it stand out from the wide range of extremely and demonically fast Asus routers. While it’s known to negate the packet loss and increase fps for gamers, the movie buffs who love nothing else but to stream movies after movies in 4K resolution were pleasantly surprised to notice not a single frame drop or lag after the Asus AC3100 setup and you can control it all using the Asus Router app.

It’s always a pleasure to see Asus make devices as better as they always do. A sight to the sore eyes, they perform even better than they look. After blessing the world with the ROG (Republic Of Gamers) series devices, it shifted its focus towards machines that performed their best in whatever place they were active. This included and was not limited to Networking, Computer Hardware, PCs, Laptops, Accessories, Displays and more. It was always the case with Asus; revolutionizing every technology it entered.

With the following features in tow, it aims to usher in a new era of smart router that can do more than just provide wireless connection. These powerful features include:

Powerful dual-band for unreal throughput

The powerful 4 antennas attached to the router provide an unreal dual-band frequency wide across from where it is situated. The 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands ensure a fast, data transfer speed, wide Asus AC3100 range working on an 802.11ac wireless technology, backward compatible with all the previous versions. It is especially perfect for homes for all sizes.

MU-MIMO lets multiple clients a faster connection simultaneously

The MU-MIMO technology gives power to the users connecting to the router and provides them with a parallel channel to transfer data. Unlike the classic data transfer technique which provides a sequential transmission to its users, the MU-MIMO compatible devices will receive simultaneous, fast, data transfer capability and a strong connectivity.

Built-in access to Gamers Private Network

No speed is too much for gamers. Nothing can quench their thirst for a fast speed low ping connection; even a fast speed and a low ping connection. To them we like to offer a highly reduced ping and to their gaming data, a VPN channel called the Gamers Private Network that is an optimized route chosen as per the game packets you are sending and receiving. This provides a dual boost to the gamers as the adaptive QoS prioritizes game traffic and optimizes the data speed for them and the GPN will let you traverse your data through the fastest route available.

Air-Mesh supported devices

The AC3100 is also an Air-Mesh configurable device. This means that with a Asus AC3100 firmware update, you can let it communicate with other Air-Mesh supported Asus devices which in-turn provide you with a house that is highly covered with Wi-Fi connectivity. It delivers and shares its Wi-Fi with these other Air-Mesh enabled Asus router thus also eliminating all the dead zones in the house. You can also use a single SSID and have it advertised across the use with multiple routers.

Intelligent Adaptive QoS

The 1.4 GHz processor installed inside this device provides a computational capability that has gained the ability to better handle the traffic; including sorting the traffic appropriately according to the needs of the different devices on the network. This intelligent adaptive QoS dynamically provides extra bandwidth to the devices that are consuming their allotted bandwidth faster so as to let them stream data much faster.

It is also fairly easy to install and set up. This is so easy, following the below steps will let you finish the Asus AC3100 setup process. Before that you would be required to check a few things. These being:

  • Try to use a wired connection to set up the router. This reduces chances of problems to occur during the setup process.
  • If an old router is being replaced make sure you disconnect it from the network.
  • Disconnect this router from existing modem and turn off the modem as well.
  • Restart both your modem and your computer. Do not perform an Asus router reset.
  • These devices can be setup using a wired or a wireless connection.

For Wired connection:

Step 1: Power on the router by plugging in the AC adapter in a power socket.

Step 2: Use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to the computer.

Step 3: Find another Ethernet cable and connect modem to the wireless router’s internet port.

Step 4: Turn on the power of the modem too if you haven’t already.

For Wireless Connection:

Step 1: Turn on the wireless router by connecting it to the AC adapter and plugging in to the power socket.

Step 2: Connect your PC or Laptop to the Wireless device by using the SSID and password of the wireless device given at the rear of the device on a label.

Step 3: Power on the Modem after connecting an Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the wireless router.

Starting the Configuration process:

Step 1: On the device that is connected to the Wi-Fi device wirelessly or through a wired connection, open an internet browser and reach the login page.

Step 2: Login using the default Username and Password as ‘admin’ which is the default Asus router setup password.

Step 3: This is the Web GUI that you can use to set up the device. It also contains a number of settings that you can use to customize the device according to your needs.

Step 4: Once you login, the QIS or the Quick Internet Setup will begin. This is the Asus router setup wizard.

Step 5: The wireless device will detect your internet connection type automatically. Alternatively, you can also do that by adding it yourself if you know the details.

Step 6: Give your Wireless router an SSID name and password for the available bands, 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Step 7: The Web GUI will now show you the settings you’ve just entered and you can choose to either accept or apply or to re-enter them. Click next to apply.

Step 8: Click finish to end the setup process of the router. You have now successfully installed your device.

You Asus AC3100 device is now ready for use.Alternatively, you can also do this using the Asus router app. You can effectively change or add and remove any settings which you have just chosen for your router by logging in the GUI page. Other features like the Parental control, URL filter and others are available to be changed according your needs in the web-based setup page of your router.