Question1 How to find my serial number?

Answer The serial number of the product can be found in many places such as product label, on the outer box of the Asus router, in the user guide or sometimes you can find it in the operating system.

Question2 How to open the router’s Graphical User Interface (GUI)?

Answer Open a web browser from your device and type in the address bar of the browser. A login page opens where you have to enter the username and password. If you have not changed them yet then enter admin for both username and password. The dashboard appears on the screen. Now, you can change the various settings of your Asus wireless router.

Question3 What to do if you forgot the password for your Asus wireless router?

Answer If this is the case then you need to reset or reboot your router. Make a wired connection between your device and router. Open the dashboard of the router and in the wireless settings reset the router and then applies the changes by clicking on the Apply button.

Question4 How to update the Asus router to the latest firmware?

Answer Download the latest firmware from the Asus official website. Open an Internet browser and enter the default IP address of your Asus router and then enter the login credentials to enter into the configuration page of the router. Go to firmware upgrade under administration. Click on the browse button and upload the latest firmware that you have downloaded before. Wait till it installs.

Question5 What is the default username and password for the Asus router?

Answer The default username and password for the Asus router is admin in small case.

Question6 Where to locate the reset hole on the router?

Answer The reset hole is a very small. So, it is sometimes difficult to find the reset hole. It is located mostly on the back side of the router.

Question7 What is MU-MIMO technology?

Answer Multi user- Multiple Input Multiple Output. This technology is available in all the 802.11 ac routers. This technology transfers a signal to number of devices simultaneously or we can say that it distributes the bandwidth among various devices.

Question8 How to set IPv6 in an Asus router?

Answer Open the configuration page of the Asus router by typing the IP address in the browser window and then entering the login details. After opening of this, go to advance settings and then to IPv6. Go to connection settings and then fill the given fields. Click on the Apply button to save the changes. Reboot the system at the end.

Question9 How to set up Quality of service?

Answer Power on the QoS. Set the speed for upload and download. Select the QoS type and click on apply button to save the changes. If you want to do further changes in the QoS, you can take help from us. Our team will guide you properly till all the changes get applied.

Question10 How to troubleshoot the Asus router if you are not able to open the configuration page?

Answer First thing you can do is, try accessing the same by using the default IP address if you are accessing through the web address or vice-versa. Check that your PC is configured to obtain the IP address automatically. Check the connections if there is any wired connection between the devices. At last, you can reset your router to factory default settings and then try accessing again.